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Mesmerizing Himachal Pradesh!

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ETU Adventures


ETU is more than just a travel and tourism company. As the name suggests "Explore the Unexplored" is all about exploring and seeing amazing places in Himachal Pradesh which are not known to the mainstream public.


My brother and I have been travelling for a few years and we decided to share our experience of these unexplored and spectacular places with everyone.


We offer travel services that are customized exclusively for you!


What makes us stand apart is that we have personally explored all these places and have journaled our journeys here by sharing our personal photos and travel stories.


So, there is no chance for second guessing. What you see here in ‘reel’, is what you will see in ‘real’.

Our Destinations

Be a part of ETU's Travel Family!

Never miss an adventure! Also, we will NEVER EVER SPAM.

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