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We Live & Breathe Himachal each moment! 


We make your Himachal Trip more than Perfect!

Hello Traveler!


Let me tell you something about myself.


I have been living in the United States for the past 10 years. Since my childhood, I have had a deep interest in nature, adventure, traveling and tourism. I’ve always liked to travel for leisure in the US as well as in India and I am very passionate about exploring scenic places which are not known to national & international travelers.


In my last few years of visiting India, my cousin and I put a lot of effort to explore these unexplored scenic places in Himachal Pradesh with the objective of bringing these destinations to the national as well as international map of travel and tourism.


We have captured our amazing experiences in photos, videos and on our blog section.


During all these years of travel I realized that there are many travelers all over the world who would love to experience such new locations & places first hand.


I understand the difficulties they face in finding these beautiful and adventurous destinations keeping in mind the money, time constraints, and inaccessibility to these places.


This not just about the culture and about visiting unknown places, it is more about the overall exciting experience! The small things that we do when we go on vacations and it is these small things which will change your experience and give you a beautiful memory.


At ETU Adventures, we will set up bonfire in mountains, cook fresh food next to the river, swim in natural hot springs, kayak in the river, set up barbecues in the dense jungle, camp, listen to local music, treat ourselves to ayurvedic massages, do yoga, cycle in the woods; the list is endless.


We are 100% friendly. We will provide the best during your entire journey with us. Come and explore with us the best Himachal Pradesh has to offer.


Just let us know what you expect from your Himachal Trip and we will set everything for a enjoyable & memorable travel experience.




Expert Local Travel Knowledge


Tailor-Made Holidays


Global Reach. Global Outlook


100%  Money Protection

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