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Each Day a New Experience, a New Himachal


Irrespective of the number of days you spend in Himachal, your experience is going to be simply fantastic. The best part, ‘You can Always Customize your Himachal Trip to suit your taste’. Exploring Himalayas very own Himachal just can’t get any better!















Day 1-  The Lively Himachal


This day filled with happening locations will be spent in Himachal’s most well known places. As per your preference we will plan the day in either Dalhousie, Dharamshala, Chamba, Kullu, Manali or Shimla. In addition to exploring famous tourist spots of these places, we will also explore the amazing nightlife of these places.


These places offer excellent ambience to relax and spend time with your family and friends. And Yes, you can indulge in lots of Shopping too! At night the stay will be in a guest house located at one of the highest point of these places. This will offer mesmerizing view and a wonderful opportunity to spend time near bonfire and enjoy delicious cuisines, Himachali as well as others!


Some of the activities you could in these places are

  • Horse Riding

  • Cycling

  • Zorbing

  • Paragliding

  • Yoga

  • Meditation

Day 2 - The Adventurous Himachal


A fun-filled day involving trekking of 3 to 5 hours. The trekking will involve medium hiking and can be done by people of all ages. It is planned to be casual in nature so that you don’t get tired and enjoy the Himachal’s terrain to the maximum. Few treks:


  • Dainkund to Jot 

  • Hadsar Local Hike, Chamba 

  • Nadi Local Trekkings, Kangra and many more

During evening we will check-in at a beautiful guest house located amidst the forest. Here arrangements will be made for bonfire, delicious BBQ, and yes some music by our in-house artists.



Day 3 - The Exotic Himachal


As the name suggests, this day is meant to explore the exotic locations of Himachal Pradesh. The beauty of Himachal exists in its landscape that’s comparable to none, and its waterfalls, the mighty ever flowing rivers, gigantic dams, temples that are architectural delight, and the valleys that holds nature’s truest beauty in its purest form!


On this day we will be staying in a guest house that offers excellent view of Himachal and indulge in some outdoor activities including bonfire, BBQ, live music by the fire side!








Day 4 - The Riverside Himachal


Have you ever experienced full body mud pack? If not, you can definitely try it on this day. It’s not just refreshing but is also known to have certain therapeutic properties.


Also, have you ever swam in river’s safe spots and what about fishing, as well as cooking the fish you caught by the river side? If you haven’t done these, then the best time to do them is NOW..! We promise these experiences will truly provide a Wow experience.


The Riverside Himachal is planned to include many unconventional activities like Meditation near the calmly flowing river, relaxing in the floating beds, calm rafting, and bathing in fresh water while our in-house cook prepares lip smacking delicacies!















Day 5 - The Rustic/Rural Himachal


What’s your idea of a Lazy Day? Is it binge watching web series or your favourite movie? We at ETU Adventures make it a little exciting!


The Rustic Himachal experience involves spending a day in ETU’s very own homestay set amidst picturesque location. The homestay surrounded by jungle and close to Himachali village will provide you authentic Himachal experience.


Here we will organize several fun games, both indoor and outdoor, as well as cook some delicious meal in most primitive way! Yes, we will use wood as fuel and stove made up of clay. And yes, not to forget the clay utensils which adds distinct flavour to the food!






















During your entire journey we will visit several unexplored places of Himachal which includes hidden waterfalls, temples, caves, hot springs, etc.


Note: All these places are already visited by ETU Adventures crew. We value your safety which is why we have done all the ground work to ensure you get maximum comfort and an enjoyable vacation.


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Please Note: We can prepare an itinerary for 2 days to 9 days to suite you travel plan..We also offer Himachal Trip that's customized as per your need!

To get a custom itinerary please fill in your requirement and we will plan an amazing Himachal Vacation just for you :)

Pricing will vary as per the itinerary and destination, the usual rate starts from INR 15,000 per person for 3Day plan

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