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Himachal Awaits Your Arrival!

Just fill in the details and we will plan a Perfect Himachal Trip, Exclusively For You!











Our USP is in the way we view USP. To us USP is not Unique Selling Proposition, to us USP is all about being a ‘Unique Service Provider’, because we believe traveling uniquely is true traveling.


Our USP lies in our ability to help travelers explore the most unexplored places of Himachal Pradesh. Our USP lies in our ability to make your vacation truly experiential set amidst the real landscape of beautiful Himalayas..!​

In order to design a trip that you would love, we need to understand you and this section helps us do just that!


We would love to know more about you and your previous travel experiences. Its about the places you have visited, your expectations from this trip - basically we need little details for that perfect trip ahead!



Overall, the trip will be pretty much similar to what we have shared via our blog/travel stories section. We will be covering all kinds of terrains - mountains, rivers, jungles, lakes, and waterfalls. This would be interspersed with different kinds of activities like camping, hiking, fishing, yoga, ayurvedic massage, horse riding, bicycling, bonfires, BBQ etc.


And YES, we place a huge emphasis on food because we are big time foodies! We will be carrying our mini kitchen all the time and will be cooking and serving fresh food to you during the trip. Trust us, you will Love it!






















We have a few quick questions for you and once we have your answers, we will be creating the perfect itinerary made just for you!

Please do mention the number of days of your travel. 

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