Kangra Valley


The scenic Kangra Valley, a popular tourist destination is separated from Chamba by the highest peak of the Dauladhar Range - The White Mountain.


It stretches from here till the south of the Beas river. Geographically it lies on Western Himalayan region and most of it is under the jurisdiction of the state of Himachal Pradesh. A good way for one to remember the valley is through well-known places like McLeodganj (Dharamshala) and Triund.


It is a picturesque valley well known for its local art & culture and the perfect time to visit this place is between March to June. A devastating earthquake in 1905 destroyed much of the Valley, its old structures and killed about 19,000 people but magically, many important places have still stood strong.


The Kangra valley is home to adrenaline filled activities like paragliding, mountain quad biking and during the season, snow-boarding.


It has some of the best waterfall spots which make for amazing barbeque backdrops and we can always rustle up a meal for you using our portable kitchen. Fishing and white-water rafting go hand-in-hand here and one can trot on a horse during evenings or even cycle up the hills. Hiking & camping are a given, due to Kangra’s complimenting landscape.


You can always cool down your body with a massage and rub down and wake up to yoga and meditation in mornings.


Kangra for ETU Adventures, has been a treasure trove of unique experiences. We cannot forget the amazing time we had at Tapta Pani, the natural hot springs. We also indulge in some activities that needs to be experienced first hand:


  • camping,

  • doing yoga,

  • cooking in open air!


While we did visit the usual Dharamshala stretch, we gave it our twist by taking a more adventurous and beautiful route, hanging out with travelers from across the world and setting up barbeque next to a primeval waterfall. Naddi was also another brilliant experience. Going by what we have experienced so far, we promise you a trip of the Kangra like no other.

Each Day a New Experience, a New Himachal


Irrespective of the number of days you spend in Himachal, your experience is going to be simply fantastic. The best part, ‘You can Always Customize your Himachal Trip to suit your taste’. Exploring Himalayas very own Himachal just can’t get any better!



The Lively Himachal


This day filled with happening locations will be spent in Himachal’s most well-known places like Dharamshala. In addition to exploring famous tourist spots, we will also indulge in shopping and explore the amazing nightlife of these places.



The Adventurous Himachal


A fun-filled day involving trekking of 3 to 5 hours. The trekking will involve medium hiking and can be done by people of all ages. As per your preference we can plan either of the following trek:


‘Dainkund to Jot’  or  ‘Hadsar Local Hike, Chamba’  or  ‘Nadi Local Trekkings, Kangra’



The Exotic Himachal


As the name suggests, on this day we will explore the exotic locations of Himachal Pradesh like waterfalls, the mighty rivers, gigantic dams, architecturally delightful temples, and the valleys that holds nature’s truest beauty in its purest form!



The Riverside Himachal


The Riverside Himachal is planned to include many unconventional activities like full body mud pack, meditation near the calmly flowing river, relaxing in the floating beds, calm rafting, and bathing in fresh water while our in-house cook prepares lip smacking delicacies!



The Rustic/Rural Himachal


The Rustic Himachal experience involves spending a day in ETU’s very own homestay set amidst picturesque location. The homestay surrounded by jungle and close to Himachali village will provide you authentic Himachal experience.

Places You Will Explore

Activities You Will Do

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