Me and my brother commenced our tour to Tirthan Valley

from  Bakloh  by  road  in  the  morning.    After  reaching  Nurpur  ,we followed  NH 154 and reached at

a place called AUTT (District Mandi of HP). We reached there at about 11PM after travelling around

250 kms.  We  found  a  small  cottage  where  catering  facility  was  not available. Hoverer, we decided

to stay  there . Whenever we go for such trips, we usually carry movable kitchen and dry foods.  While,

I was preparing our dinner  i.e. Maggi with Eggs, my brother enjoyed with light music and drink. After

having our food, we had a sound sleep. I got up in the next morning .When I opened the window, to my

surprise; It was a wonderful scenery outside. There was foggy all around, the raises of the sun was

pouring on the blue water of river Bias, which was really a view of attraction.

Day  2.    After  having  our  breakfast,  we  started  our  journey  for Tirthan valley. From Autt we

proceeded   towards Largi Dam( River Bias  and  Tirthan)  by  following  the  road  alongthe  side  of 

Tirthan River also known as Parvati River. It was a single way road but the greenery   landscape   and  

river   along   the   road   side   was   worth watching.  We  can  also  see  many  Apple  Garden  along 

road  side. Before reaching Largi, a person asked us for the lift, who was to go to Banzar .This person helped us to know the direction of the roads and other information of our interest.   We reached at Banzar after travelling  around  25-30  KMs.  From  Banzer  ,we  went  to  village Sanchi  (10  KMs).This  is  a  start  point  for  Tracking  towards  Lambari Hills .The camp can be established here for the trackers .

Extras : river crossing, trot fishing, rock climbing  and tirthan himalyan adventure


From Sanchi village , we went   to Guseni   via Naglari on foot for 4

KMs as  there is no  motorable  road.  The ‘Great  National Park  ‘, an attractive spot  to watch is approx 5 kms ahead of Guseni. We were also told that some beautiful  Water Falls can also be seen if we go beyond village Rolla ,which is 4kms from Gusseni.   From Guseni we returned back to proceed to Jalori Pass. At about 10PM, when we reached  at  the  Tunnel  near  Lagri  Dam,  my  mobile  switched  off  .  I went to a small tea stall where I wanted to recharge my phone and also     wanted     to     inquire     about     the     location     of     Guest House/restaurant.  Fortunately,  I  meet  with  the  owner  of  “  Rahul Guest  House”.  He  advised  us  to  stay  at  his  Guest  House  and provided us food and lodging there.



Day  3.     In  the  morning  we  commenced  our  journey  to  Sarloshar Lace ,which is also famous as Budhi Nagin . We crossed the tunnel and  after travelling 30/35 kms reached at  Jalori Pass. We followed the  track which goes to Budhi Nagin  and reached there there after

5 kms walk.

STORY OF THE TREK FROM Jalohori to sarloskar lake

DAY 4: STORY for Chinai Khotti

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